Local Parts Not Destroyed Past FallenPartsDestroyHeight

In my game, weapons are locally cloned and welded to characters. When those characters die, the weapons fall past -500 studs (which is the default FallenPartsDestroyHeight) but they don’t disappear. Is this an intended behavior?


I’ve noticed this behaviour for a pretty long time now. I’ve always thought that this was normal because the server can’t verify if the part that fell is valid or not so it just falls without getting destroyed. I assume the client doesn’t recognise the fallen part limit?

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The client does recognize the fallen part limit because the part stops falling past the FallenPartsDestroyHeight. It just chooses not to destroy it for some reason :frowning:

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Well the point of the fallen part limit is to destroy the part and make sure your game doesn’t have parts just falling forever. If the part stops where the limit is, then something is probably wrong with internal code or what the engine decides to do when a local part reaches the limit.

Are the parts parented to the character? I might as well do a little testing.

This does not seem like a bug. The server must be the one to delete parts that have fallen past the FallenPartsDestroyHeight because changes by the client don’t replicate to anyone. Your client that cloned the tool probably has no idea the tool only exists on the client, so it has no way to know it should delete the parts instead of the server.

If anything, this is a feature request to make clients aware of whether instances they created are local or not, but you should probably just not resort to hacks like locally cloning tools. You can ask around in #help-and-feedback if you need help with a better approach.

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