Local Script attribute return nil

I would like to be able to get the attribute value.
The script can find the right profile, but it doesn’t get the attribute Nome


local Folder = game.ReplicatedStorage.UI.NiceToMeetYou
local Tag = Folder.Texts.Tag:Clone()
local Text = Tag.Text

local Profile = game.Workspace.Date.Giocatori:FindFirstChild("=".. player.UserId)
print(Profile) --Returns the right Profile
local Name = Profile:GetAttribute("Nome")

Text.Text = Name --Returns nil

The script is a local script.
The Profile gets created in a normal script(not local)
The attribute value gets modified before this script in a module script started by a normal script(not local)

Does an attribute called Nome belong to Profile's referenced object?

Is this LocalScript called before Profile is created?

The attribute exist, cause i can see it while in game.
The local script gets called right after it is created

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The only issue I can think of is that the LocalScript is called before the attribute is created.

I would suggest trying:

while not Name do
    Name = Profile:GetAttribute("Nome")

Let me know if that helps.

it doesn’t.
It gets the name after a few minutes that it is created

Solution found.
thank to all robloxians who helped me.