Local Script running in a Server Context

I thought my code was all running fine (as it had in studio) but when I playtested in ROBLOX I came across some really strange behaviour.

As shown, my script’s context is set to client (I should clarify that changing this to a local script didn’t resolve my issue); however, when I try to playtest in game, LocalPlayer is returned as nil and an error is shown in the SERVER section of the console when I try to use :GetMouse()


I’m probably just being a complete idiot and overlooking something but I really don’t have a clue as I haven’t touched studio in a while.

Any help would be much appreciated,
Many thanks,

Nevermind, it was due to RunContext - I’d changed it previously to check if that was the issue as I knew it was a beta feature but apparently the first time I did the update didn’t push :grimacing:

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