Local server client displaying incorrect username

When starting a local server in studio with two or more players, the leaderboard for each client lists the specif client on the leaderboard as Player instead of Player 1, 2, 3 etc, however still lists the client in Players as Player 1, 2, 3 etc.


Player1 client


Player 2 client


Players within each client



Step 1: Open studio

Step 2: Start a local server with 2 or more clients

If this is expected behavior, then could you please explain why?


I’ve noticed it too.

If it is expected behavior, I’d argue it’d be so you can tell which player you are testing – but just by the default design of the player list you can do that anyway, and it’s more disorienting with this thing than without.


This has always happened for me and it’s one of those things you’ve seen so often you forget its a bug.


Right now when the player object is created, its name defaults to “Player” (you can verify this by printing LocalPlayer.Name in a ReplicatedFirst LocalScript). Eventually this gets updated to Player1/etc, but when the corescripts run the name hasn’t changed yet, so they display “Player”. There are some upcoming changes to how the player object is loaded that will fix this though.

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