Local stuff on non filtered actions

i want to remove a joint inside a character but only on local side

i can remove it with localscript

but it being removed on server side too

i want it be deleted on only local side
and also same stuff for animator
Ekran Resmi 2021-05-14 09.25.07

You can’t. Anything deleted in the character is replicated to the server. This has been an issue for awhile now (~2 years?) and ROBLOX is afk or something.

Something that isn’t replicated to the server, are changes to the property. Change the Part1 or Part0 of the Root-joint to nil.


but changing on sever will effect to the client

Use a localscript to set the Part0 or Part1 of the rootjoint to nil. This should have the desired effect. Unless I’m mistaken, tell me what went wrong.

Your answer gave me an idea, if i remove parent on local it being like removed but not effecting to server

oh no its little buggly, it only works if i change parent to different thing before making parent nil