Local updates on Plugins that do not replicate to other developers in-studio

Hi, so I’m looking at creating a private plugin designed to work with a system I have created for a group. The premise would be to look for objects with a “perms” folder and allow you to update the permissions on a door without having to go and find each door and update manually and remember everything available to you etc etc
The problem is, I want to temporarily hide any part that isn’t a valid object, the only problem with that? I’m not sure if those changes replicate to other people, and I don’t feel like wasting a friend’s time by having him sit in Studio with me while I fiddle with code for however long.
Is there a way to update parts within the workspace locally? I know there are certain quirky plugins that put hats on those floating studio player pointers, and I’m fairly sure those don’t replicate, so it’d be nice to know if anyone knows how to accomplish what I’m looking for. Ty in advance to anyone who can provide valid feedback :grin: