Local WeldConstraints Cause Strange Behavior

Hello, everyone!

In my game, Redshift Arena, the decal system will create welds on objects that aren’t anchored - so they move with the unanchored object. However, if this is a player model, the player model becomes completely invisible, or dies for an unknown reason.

I’m not sure how to fix this - other than making decals be created on the server - I’d rather them not be server-side so clients can hide them with a setting - and blood has to be disabled by default in order to be Featured-Sort friendly.

Any help on this matter would be much appreciated.

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I thought we couldn’t have local WeldConstraints. Or is that just welds?

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Local WeldConstraints do work … to an extent. They just cause player models to become invisible.

This seems to be similar to an issue that was reported earlier in the year.

Long story short, you should not weld objects together on the client if the server can see one of the objects. It leads to a deadlock from the clients perspective because the mechanisms are not the same, so the client doesn’t know how to correctly apply the mechanism data it’s receiving from the server.


You could create them server-side and then immediately destroy them (or make them invisible) client-side