Localization API down

I am unable to publish any new translations to the website. It gives me the error code 19, whenever I try.

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Hey there what API route are you calling and from what page?

Here is the the website path:

Here is the page I am on (JavaScript is used for the pages here, so the link does not say the actual path):

API Route: (https://gameinternationalization.roblox.com/v1/name-description/games/5817848488)
Network Tab:


btw it errors on ANY page for translation when I try to save. On every game I try on.

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Working with Muffin and its only erroring with the name/description localization, the strings and products/gamepasses/badges work fine. Not sure about the state of the images API as I do not use them.

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It appears that it is not an isolated incident either. I have seen the Adopt Me dev team having the exact same issue and reporting it in bug reports

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Thanks for your report - this issue should be fixed now. Please let us know if things are still not working!


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