Localization auto text capture adding redundant and partial strings

So in my game I recently added a screen that displays strings like “Ordered Fruit x99”. In the localization menu I added “Ordered {item1} x{number1}” which should cover all the variants of that string, since Fruit and any other string that would go in the {item1} spot has already been translated. But it seems the auto text capture thing isn’t considering that because it’s adding strings like “Ordered Fruit” and “Fruit x{number1}”. Is this a bug or how do I get it to stop adding these redundant strings?

I’ve also noticed some partial strings showing up lately, I don’t have any typewriter effects so I have no idea what’s causing that


Thanks for the report! We have filed a ticket and we are looking into this.



We added checks in our auto-text capturing system that should reduce the number of redundant and partial strings captured. There will still be some partial strings that will be captured automatically, but we are working on identifying and removing more edge cases. Let us know if you are still running into an excessive number of partial captures!


Okay so most of the issues are solved, but 2 strings are still sticking around and they decided to multiply - “Robox” and “Playbox” are both getting scraped as “Robo” and “Playbo”, and every uniquely parented SurfaceGui is making a new entry