Localization career | How to


  • Introduction
  • Requirements
  • International certificates
  • Recommendations


A lot of people have been asking me one simple question

How do I start? I know multiple languages and I would like to become a translator
-Many people

In this topic, you will find all the information you may need to start your career.


There are no exact requirements for becoming a translator but take into account the competitive nature of the market, you won't stand a chance against experienced people unless you can prove your capability. To get real jobs it's preferred to have the following:
  • International certificates
  • Status of a native speaker
  • Experience in the past

To get more experience consider these tips:

A)Make the price lower than average
B)Translate a few games for free to build up your portfolio

NOTE: not anyone who is fluent in both English and %insertyourlanguagenamehere% is capable of localizing games. You have to be really good with words in a language you’re translating into.

International certificates

In the previous paragraph I have mentioned International Certificates. It's not a key requirement, but a wanted addition to your portfolio. By having a certificate, you are showing your potential clients that you take the job you are doing seriously.


  • If you feel like you’re not capable of doing the job, don’t take it.
  • Always proofread your text. Trust me, out of a few thousand words you will surely make a mistake.
  • Never lie about your fluency.

If you’re confident in your skills, you can try joining Roblox Localization Team Information. It’s a localization team owned by a great person who may get you some jobs from time to time.