Localization / in-game and in-studio translations not working, even with a complete cloud table and all settings enabled

Hi, I’m a little stumped on this as I’ve got in-game translations working fine in the past but for the love of my life can’t figure out why it’s currently not working.

For this test place I…

  1. Ensured the TextLabel and its ancestors have ‘AutoLocalize’ set to true:

  2. Enabled Automatic Text Capture and Use Translated Content:

  3. Scraped the text in-studio, saved the LocalizationTable, then merged it into the cloud table:

  4. Added the Spanish language and translated the single entry:

I then tested both in-studio (via the Player Language tester thingy-m-bob) and in-game (by changing my language and region to Spanish) yet to no success. The in-game text still appears in English (despite all other website and app text being Spanish). Even after waiting 24 hours I still can’t get it to work.

Here’s the place (I’ve uncopylocked):

Here’s the place file (where you can find the table under LocalizationService):
test translation.rbxl (39.4 KB)

If you’d like to be added to team create to investigate the Localization Portal I can also do that. Appreciate any help!


Update: Either there’s a 48 cooldown period for translations to begin working for new experiences or there was some cloud disruptions over the last few days which prevented translations appearing. Appears to be working now :happy1: