Localization Portal | Ability to edit information under "more information" header

Currently the localization portal provides some additional information a user can provide with a new entry under the “More Information” header.

I find the context field very useful. However, once you first create the entry, you can no longer edit these fields again through the localization portal. I know the work around for this is to download the csv file and edit it from excel. Then reupload the csv file. However, this is not ideal. This process can become time consuming. The localization table I manage is very bloated with many entries. It can be hard to find the entry I’m looking for. In addition, I’m not an excel master. I sometimes run into problems with saving edits to my excel sheet and excel occasionally prompts me for having a bad “formula”. I believe if we had a way to directly edit these fields from the localization portal it would save time.