Localization Portal | Highlight entries differently that are automatically translated

I believe most people would agree that human translations are more valuable then automatic translations. However, automatic translations still have a place as being an intermediate phase between a new entry being untranslated and translated by a human.

There currently is a lack of distinction between an entry that is translated by a human and one that is automatically translated. I’m aware this distinction can be found by clicking the entry and expanding translation history. However, I’m requesting for more of a fast distinction between whether an entry is automatically translated or not. In addition, I’m also requesting that there is a distinction between the quality difference of an automatic translation and a human translation. Why can’t we have the box on the left become orange when it’s automatically translated? This would tell anyone by a glace that it’s an automatic translations and should be looked over by a human translator. It would also help the user understand there is a difference in quality. I also think it would present automatic translations as being more of this intermediate phase rather than a replacement to human translations that I have seen many developers, including myself, initially perceive automatic translations to be.


This seems especially important when considering we can assign translation permissions to people who may not be as technically-minded. The user experience of the localization portal is already quite good, but this would make it great.