Localization stuck at 13% despite having plenty of quota (3 weeks now)


We deleted a ton of localizations and then recaptured them. Ever since then, our localization in the cloud has been incomplete and has never restarted, despite having a lot of quota.

This is preventing us from using auto-localization or really to have anything localized in our game. Since 60% of our player-base does not speak English, this is a serious problem.

It’s happening on this game: https://create.roblox.com/dashboard/creations/experiences/4725608537/localization

Expected behavior

I expect our cloud localization to complete in a timely manner.

Page URL: https://create.roblox.com/dashboard/creations/experiences/4725608537/localization

Hey Quenty. The team is aware and working on a fix. I’ll post here when its fixed.

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Y’all are amazing! Thank you so much!

Let me know if there’s any additional information you need. I have a suspicion that deletion caused some weird failure mode or something.

Fix is out. Can you try disabling and re-enabling automatic translation for your languages? This should be resolved by doing this.

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So trying to turn translations on and off leads to this error:


This logo gets stuck spinning forever on our dashboard: