Localization suite removes spaces from text-to-translate

The Localization Suite always automatically removes new lines from the “Text to Translate” field (this includes game strings, game information, and developer products).

To make this bug happen, you just have to add empty lines to your place description (for example), open the Configure Localization page for that place, go to Manage Translations, and view the Description entry under the Game Information tab. The Localization Suite will not display them in the Text to Translate tab.

I believe this has been happening since the release of the Localization Suite


As a Roblox Translator, it is currently hard, translating description and seeing its spacing correctly.

The text to translate is just text. No Spacing. No paragraphs.

It is currently pretty hard keeping track of how it should look. You don’t know if there is enter after this sentence or not.

The current solution for this problem is screenshotting it. You have to do this before starting to translate it, because the second you enter some text and save it. You see your translation, not the original one.

This applies to badges and Developer Products as well.

This would really help translators to be more productive!

Brief look of how it is now:

How it looks in Translator Portal:

How it should look:

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Thanks for reporting and apologies for the delayed response! We are looking into this!


Please fix this, it’s been a year.

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