Localization Text Scraper keeps scraping duplicates for even after disabling automatic text capture

I discovered that many duplicate strings started surfacing in my only supported language that doesn’t have automatic translations (Arabic).
Previously it was 80%+ translated, then that day it suddenly became only 50%+ translated, and the duplicates are why.

Here is just one example. As you can see right below it there is a string that is exactly the same and is already translated. There are a few hundreds of these duplicates strings.

Removing them one by one through the portal would take loads of time, so I downloaded the table in csv form, removing them manually (still took loads of time), and then reuploaded the csv file with duplicates removed. I made sure to also turn off automatic text capture. I thought that was the end of the problem.

A few days later, my Arabic translations went down to 50%+ translated again. The duplicates are back.

To reproduce this, I suppose you can just delete a bunch of duplicate strings, and then observe that they will come back after some time.

Note that you can find these duplicate strings in all other languages, but because Arabic doesn’t have automatic translation, the problem is a lot more obvious, because you can see the translation percentage go down.

Page URL: https://create.roblox.com/dashboard/creations/experiences/4362587875/localization

hey @misternicekai thanks for the report. We believe we know what’s going on here. Can you confirm one thing for me? For the duplicate entries can you check the context and key fields and share them here? I am expecting that you will see differences between the two entries.

Hello, yes, they are different. I usually use the context field to write something to help the translators to understand the context.
Here is the earlier entry that was manually translated:

and this is from the scraper

Hey we have addressed the issue on our side and your table should correct itself soon. Please let me know if you are still encountering these issues.

Also for your translators: The Context field is actually used for resolving which translation to render based on its location in your experience. I recommend using the example field for your translator notes instead.

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