LocalizationTables do not preserve `Example` field in keys

When saving and loading a file that contains LocalizationTable Instances, all keys will not preserve their Example field. If you inspect a produced file, the field is serialized, so Studio is simply not deserializing it correctly. This results in (relatively minor) data loss during saves and loads, which is undesirable.

I have no idea when this began, but I noticed it in version 0.618.0.6180546.

To reproduce this issue:

  • Create a LocalizationTable and set a key with the Example field set
  • Save the table to a file
  • Load the file into Studio again
  • Observe that the Example field is now empty

Due to the nature of this bug, I cannot provide an example file but here is a quick script to make a LocalizationTable that you can save, for convenience:

local localizationTable = Instance.new("LocalizationTable")

	Key = "example key",
	Source = "example source",
	Context = "example context",
	Example = "example... example",
	Values = {
		["en"] = "english",
		["fr"] = "french",

localizationTable.Parent = workspace

Expected behavior

My expectation would be that the data of LocalizationTables is preserved perfectly when saving them to a file.

Hey, thanks for the report! Found someone at Roblox to check on this.