Localized Game Titles and Descriptions

  • Source language is English
  • Name goes back to normal after a page refresh
  • Happens on the games page and home page.
  • I have translated the game title to Spanish, Portuguese, French and German
  • Has happened at least 10 more times since my last post. The title changes randomly to one of the 4 languages, not just Portuguese.
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Also the same issue appears on mobile occasionally.

Thanks for the quick response. Someone is looking into it; we suspect its a caching issue. I’ll follow back when we know more :slight_smile:

Yep, caching issue as suspected. Already working on fixing it asap

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Issue is fixed! Let us know if you encounter any other bugs.


Heyo @kalypso3, just a question about this new feature. Does the “Translators” section work yet? If so, how do they access it? If not, what’s the estimate for when this becomes functional?



I’m pretty sure that feature works, they can just click the “…” beside your game and access it at any time I think.

Heyhey so you’ve found a not-so-subtle secret feature that we enabled last week but haven’t announced yet. More info here: New Cloud Localization Tools roll-out plan