Localized Game Titles and Descriptions

Hey Developers!

As Roblox grows into a global community, you’ll need more tools and features to internationalize your games and tap into the global market.

We’re extremely excited to announce the availability of one of these critical features: you can now add your game title and description in other languages! Doing so means your game will be discoverable in multiple languages.

This feature can be accessed through a new Create menu item called “Configure Localization”. Future localization features like translation management will also be released here. Our goal is to give you a “one-stop shop” to manage localizing your content.


The localization portal currently consists of two sections: “Source Language” and “Game Name and Description Translations.”

Source language is the language your game is written in. If your source language is a Roblox platform language (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish), please update this setting accordingly. This will be extremely helpful for future language sorts and features. Please note: once you set a source language, you cannot change it back to "Not Specified.” You should only need to set your source language once.

The Game Name and Description Translations section allows you to switch between languages to add translated names/descriptions. The source language name/description is NOT editable here. To edit source language name/description please return to Studio or Configure Game/Place.


Once you save a localized name/description, your game will now be discoverable in that language! You can check how it appears by viewing your game detail page in the language you just added.


Q: Why can’t I edit source language content in the localization portal?
A: We don’t want to disrupt your current workflow for adding/editing source content. We’ve included source name/description so you can reference and compare content across all languages while source content remains editable only where it is originally.

Q: What if a language I’m interested in is not available?
A: We’re currently focused on adding support for Roblox platform languages (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish). As our platform languages expand, so too will the dropdowns for localized content.

If you have any other questions, concerns, or feedback about this feature, ask them below!


Note: if your source description isn’t appearing in the localization portal, update and re-save your source description and try again.



A must need I say. Really excited for this!


This is fine… but as a developer I want to jump ahead on this right now. I would love to see more effort into allowing us to directly override the locale for players both in-game and letting us set more locales for the description on the web which could pick up on the browser’s locale (if the user wants that). It’s a shame that we need to wait for you guys to first fully localize the website in a language before we can use it. Locales should be generally applicable at any time (now, all of the foundation is already there).


This is great! My only concern is most developers (including myself) include our changelog in the description. Either we are going to have to get even more creative with displaying this information or spend the time re-translating the description every time our games update, which is weekly for some of us.


what an alguem br moment <3

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Thanks for the support <3

@Neutre Your suggestion was heard!


Brilliant!! It’s kinda contradictory that we can’t update the game icon either, if that’s going to be in English while the rest is in another language.


Great addition. Only, if you have a popular title, chances are you won’t change the language of it in other countries just like these massive MMOs out there today.

Haven’t been this excited for a new Roblox feature in a long time!


Yep they did!


Thanks Neutre :smiley:

You can just not edit the game title?

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Wow I didn’t notice that. I’m a silly goose

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yep, we recognize there’s a lot more to localizing your game than the title and description but we wanted to start here for search and discoverability. We’ll be adding support for localized icons and thumbnails, hopefully in the next year, all within the same localization portal.


Ya’ll have given me too much power.




Hey I’ve found an issue with this.
The game’s title is displaying in German despite me not having German as my computer’s language, (however the game title has been localized to German), this was fixed after a refresh.

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Same. My game title was translated to Portuguese randomly. Happened once on mobile when browsing the games page.


To help me understand the issue more fully can you answer these questions:

  • Did you add a translation in Portuguese?
  • Did the issue go away on refresh?
  • Did you set your source language?
  • any other details?

More details will help us track down what and why this is happening.