Locally picked up flashlight

Hi! I want to make a flashlight you can pick up when you hold “E” that disappears only for you when picked up.

if script.Parent.Parent == workspace then
	local proxprompt = script.Parent.ProximityPrompt

		print("sent out signal")

It isn’t even registering the pick up, let alone sending out the signal. I only need it to send the signal as I have a flashlight script that gets enabled whenever that signal is sent.

I have tried to find someone with a similar issue on the Developer hub but I haven’t found anyone.

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perhaps its because you use getPlayerFromCharacter() on Plr when Plr is already the player that triggered the prompt. Also, if the flashlight is a tool, you could just clone the tool into the backpack from the server.

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“Plr” is already a player, so no need to use getplayerfromcharacter.

perhaps, just use:

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This did work! But I’m still stumped on how to hide the flashlight after the event is fired. How can I get a server script to trigger a local script?

       --locate the flashlight in workspace then make the transparency 1 and disable the prompt

I’m looking for the transparency to locally be changed rather than globally, I want every player to be able to pick it up.

it is local as it is an onclientevent and will only show for the player that triggered the prompt