Locally removing a child of the character replicates server-sided. Why?

This seems to be really dumb behavior in my opinion. Is there an actual reason as to why this is the case?

I deleted a sound in the player’s HumanoidRootPart locally, but that also removes it server-sided as well.

Doesn’t really make sense. Not to mention, certain properties also seem to replicate. (atleast I think so, can’t remember for sure though.)

Obviously physics replicate as the client is in control of that, but the actual instances are owned by the client too apparently? That seems to be a really dumb design issue.


This is because when LocalScripts change something about the Local Player, then it will replicated. This is to ensure immediate responses from the Client to their character. If it wasn’t, then when you pressed the forward button, it would take time for the server to get that keypress, then it would move the character forward, and then it would have to send it back to the client. :slight_smile:

I understand that aspect, but this seems to be really strange design, as that really has nothing to do with physics.

It should locally remove the sound, but yet the server removes it as well for whatever reason.

All of a character’s children are known to the server, so this really makes no sense to me.

Just trying to figure out if there’s technical reasoning for why this is even a thing.

I am not really sure about why removal of sounds are replicating but I have found my own reasoning for the others such as the limbs and certain properties. I have seen some say that its a bug but I am not really sure about that either.

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Anything that is inside the player’s Character will replicated, whether it is physics or not :slight_smile: