Locally Run Game Leak-able?

The Game

So. I’m making a 2D point n’ click game and I’ve seen many leaks of popular games and all of them have local scripts and such stolen.

My game is GUI-only and local script based and according to my knowledge of exploits with exploits you can leak the whole game.

I don’t have anything in workspace, the whole game is a GUI and only with local scripts.

The Issue

The whole game as far as I know can easily be leaked with premium exploits like synapse and such… is there a way around this? I’ll be leaving the roblox platform eventually and I don’t want to leave ROBLOX with a sour taste knowing my game can be leaked.

I’d really love for a fix for this since I don’t want to know in the future that my game has been copied and pasted all over the roblox game page.

Game Details:

GUI-Only, Point n’ click gameplay
Fully local


Im not a scripter but i think you can do this. You can make a private copy of the game for your self and never publish and only use to update the game and make another copy and publish it. In the Published game you can try obfuscating all the local scripts. And somewhere in like 1-3 or all scripts you can do something like a check to see if the game is published by you and if not then send the player to the real game that way if exploiters try stealing and publishing your game they will get will no players and they will not be able to see the scripts. The only thing they will have is gui and building but with the checks they will not be able to get players because of the check owner scripts.

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Well yeah. I can just encrypt my scripts but then how the hell do I make them readable by the compiler?

I’ve thought of hashing them but then they would be unreadable. The compiler only reads lua.

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Yes, no matter what you do it will be leakable.
In my opinion, you really shouldn’t worry about this at all.

If someone does happen to leak the game, there really isn’t much people could do with it.
The worst thing they could do is just re-release it for a quick buck, but you can just contact Roblox support reporting that the game is stolen and they will take the game down, and maybe even terminate the account.

@adsbv, Obfuscation wouldn’t help in this case. Overwriting globals could fool the script into thinking its the right game.
For instance:

local oldgame = game
local game = {["PlaceId"] = 2193021}
setmetatable(game,{__index = oldgame})

Now just placing this on the top of every localscript makes them think that they are in the right game.


Please mind the language in public sections of the forum.

Yes, a locally run game can be leaked. Anything that the client can see (anything that is replicated to them) can also be taken and distributed. There’s no defense against this, so by creating a purely client-sided game you are also taking the gamble of your entire game being leaked.

There are resources out there that you can use to help get stolen copies of your game taken down so long as you’re able to provide adequate information. Such venues include the Roblox Support page.

Is there a way I can copy over the local scripts to server storage and convert them to module or server scripts?

After I do just that can I run the contents of those scripts over to the GUI with remote events and make it work just fine?

  1. Clients can see module scripts source.
  2. If your telling the client to run it anyways the exploiter can just intercept that and put together your game.