LocalScript requires info from ServerScriptService, is there a workaround?

In my game, I need to store many values, (i.e. StringValues and IntValues), They are held in a folder in ServerScriptService. My problem is that for one of my essential LocalScripts, I need to retrieve those values.

I’m aware that LocalScripts are unable to access ServerScriptService, but is there any way around this so I don’t have to move my values folder?

My thought is that there might maybe be some workaround using the new Script RunContext feature?

If you have any ideas, please let me know!

I’d recommend either to move your folder to ReplicatedStorage or using ModuleScripts instead of values. I know you don’t want to move your values folder, but I can’t think on any further solution to your issue, sorry!

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You could use remote events/functions to send it to the client.

Also why do they need to be in server script service, you could just store the values in replicated storage

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If you absolutely must keep your stuff in serverscriptservice or serverstorage, my only suggestion would be having a remote function in replicated storage or something, and calling it would make the server read everything it needs to and respond with whatever. (client asks the server for something, server pokes around where it needs to and sends back the requested content)

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Thank you, I think I might just move it to ReplicatedStorage so I don’t have to use remote functions like some other people suggested.

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They could have the client invoke the server (via a ‘RemoteFunction’ object) and have the server respond with the necessary data.