LocalScripts & Server Replication

So I’m just gonna up & embarrass myself here, it’s been roughly 2-3 years since I’ve actually sat down and put my mind to coding anything on Roblox and so much has changed.

I’ve noticed that things such as welding & server-side manipulation (i.e. creating/editing objects in the workspace) isn’t replicated to the server when done through a LocalScript, even if I have FilteringEnabled disabled.

Just looking to do some bugfixing in my code, and I was wondering if server-client interactions are disabled completely now without RemoteEvents, or if it’s just bad programming on my part that is causing this issue.


When the server creates something, it would be replicated to all of the clients, so that’s an interaction right there.

Does it work in Studio? I don’t believe they’ve removed client to server replication if FilteringEnabled is disabled, but I could be wrong.

Take a look at https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/api-reference/property/Workspace/FilteringEnabled - in particular the yellow box on that page.

LocalScripts cannot modify the server’s Workspace anymore. You need to use RemoteEvent / RemoteFunction, that you send from client to server, to do so, and have your server-side Scripts do the changes.


More references:

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Oh word, that was what I was wondering, if filtering was optional anymore. Thanks for the help!