Location Title - Create Location Title Screens with this Module, Customizable

As my first open source module, I introduce the LocationTitle module to make developing just a bit easier. Below is a demo of the module in action.


Basic Usage:

local locationTitle = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.LocationModule)


locationTitle:Start("Your Text Here")

How to Customize Your GUI:

Within the module, there is a template for a GUI, which acts as the default GUI. Your custom GUI must include:

  • A Frame, named “MainFrame”
  • A TextLabel parented to MainFrame, named “LocationLabel”

To add more Frames or ImageLabels that change in size, for right now you can only change the size, you need to:

  • Add a boolean attribute named “enabled” and check it to be true
  • Add a UDim2 attribute named “sizeOpen” and set the value to the size that you want
  • Add a UDim2 attribute named “sizeClose” and set the value to the size that you want to Frame/ImageLabel start off as and what it closes to
  • Set the size of the Frame/ImageLabel to the sizeClose value

To configure the settings of the script:

        TweenLengthOther = number,          -- Time it takes for the beginning bars to fade in
        TweenLengthText = number,           -- Time the text takes to fade and the fade-out time
        GUI = Instance,                     -- For Custom GUIS
        TextFont = Enum.Font.Name,          -- The font you want it to be
        SongId = "rbxassetid://soundid"     -- Change the sound
        Volume = number,                    -- Change the volume

Roblox Release:

Uncoplocked Demo:

Github Release:


I shall be updating this more to add more features and making it easier to use. Please leave some feedback below if you have any.


This looks great! I think the speed of the actual reveal should be more faster. Players don’t have that kind of attention span but try not to lose quality and animation throughout. overall, great work!

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You can change that in the settings of the module so that’s up to whoever uses it.

That’s awesome to hear! Can’t wait to use it.


Awesome location title.

Might need more clarification on usage. How is the UI called in different locations?
I suggest open sourcing a place for better understanding of implimentation.

Great job regardless though.

Much like @Sconser said, I would love to know how to get variations of this to appear based on where you are in the map.
For instance, if I enter the city area it will say “City” and when I enter the forest it will say “Forest”.

Is this possible and if so, how would one go about making it happen?

Don’t think this does that for you guys. This is just for the UI and music I’m pretty sure, you can code that yourself or look at a tutorial.


Ahh okay.

I’ll have a crack at it and see what happens.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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As soon as I can I’ll make a place showcasing the module. I’ll create multiple examples and leave the place open-sourced.

Much like @AIucard_Fahrenheit said:

Currently this isn’t possible, maybe in the future. I recommend using ZonePlus v3.2.0 | Construct dynamic zones and effectively determine players and parts within their boundaries to do so, I used this during testing so I know it works well with it.

If needed, I can also create a youtube tutorial going over how to use it in a game and to create custom UIs for it.


I would greatly appreciate that as this is something I would love to include in a project of mine.
The YT tutorial is completely up to you, but might help other people out as well so.

Thanks for the message btw


I think if you code it to play when you enter a Region3 it should work.

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Sorry for the long wait but I’ve created a sample place for some basic possibilities that the module could be used to make.

Minor update to the module as well because I noticed that the module would make new GUI instances in the PlayerGui every time the settings were changed.

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Thank you so much, I’ll check them out now and have a look!
Edit: I just had a look and oh my god.

These are so well-made and I am super grateful that you went to the effort of sharing this.

If I use this system in a game of mine, do you need crediting?

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That’s completely up to you, but I would appreciate if you dm me the game when you’re done! I’m curious to see how other people use this in their games!

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This is amazing! I’m using it in my free roam-style horror game. It’s perfect for area reveals.
Thank you so much!
You will be placed in the credits, don’t worry.