Lock development discussion like Bug reports & Feature requests, or make community flagged post hiding

Lately, there’s tons of memelands and prank, spam posts were created by some random people. And worst thing that mass flagging of such posts just hides post content, with ability to reveal it. So, it don’t really affects post in any way, until some moderator deletes it.

This needs to get a solution, or we will end with one endless spam memeland here.
Please, either lock development discussion with ability to join groupwhich allows to post in them (even if it will take 4 months to join =[ ), or make it so posts which got flagged by major amount of community will be hidden and won’t show by any means in latest category (not lock post). After mod review, such posts should be able to either get immunity to flag hide (in case it was bot flagged) or locked if flags was real ones.


Development discussion is indeed a place to memers but it’s a place for actually really nice discussions. This issue will only make the “memers” post their topics on other categories. Rather than locking, the moderators should increase their number and hire more moderators to properly manage the platform.


To OP, locking is not the solution. They’ll just find another category which causes even more annoyance and is harder to track down at a glance. I believe Hooksmith mentioned this earlier.

The number of moderation is not the problem. The availability is. For a proper moderated forum, we need coverage for all days. A collaboration between a small set of trusted voluntary moderators (eg Community Sage) and employees sounds the most viable to me.


Thanks. Indeed, locking won’t help much cuz they can post in other categories too. Then, we need community flag hide feature.

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Hi there, please focus on describing problems instead of proposed solutions when posting in #feature-requests or #forum-help:forum-features.

This topic describes primarily a proposed solution instead of a problem.

I’m assuming the problem is something along the lines of “It’s hard to find content I am interested in in Development Discussion”, which I think there are already a few open feature requests about.

Feel free to re-file your problem statement along the guidance in About the Forum Features category , or you can find an existing thread to bump.