Lock game to single-player instead of suspending it

The whole reason games are taken down for not using the most recent ChatService API’s is so that people can’t communicate without proper chat filtering. Why not just prevent more than one person from joining the same server? This would be way less catastrophic to our games than the current process.

I can imagine that games such as Fencing would die off of that - those games requires more than 1 player per server, and most likely haven’t been updated for years to apply FilteringEnabled.

I’m talking about game’s that get suspended for not properly using FilterStringAsync, not games without FilteringEnabled. I’ll clarify in the post :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah - well, while the solution seems good, it’d also need to lock other players from being able to join when the current player leaves. An exploiter could leave bad content before the server could shut down / currently sometimes you can get 2 players into servers with a 1-player maximum cap, I’ve seen.

Could be a problem if a game has cross-server chat/messaging, cross-server billboards (shop stands, market places) or for stuff like player profiles that can be viewed by other players. I think staff have mentioned that there will be tools to check if your game is properly filtered which probably would be a more proper solution (providing tools such that the offences can be prevented in the first place).

That sounds super confusing for the users. “Why does this game only have one player servers now? Must be something the developer did” Players already think devs are the ones taking their games down.


Perhaps, I’m just frustrated that my game got taken down even though I do properly use FilterStringAsync.

I think the issue was not using CanUserChatAsync/CanUsersChatAsync. I just implemented those, a custom mute option in the player list, as well as listening to the blocked/muted GetCore events; hopefully this will be resolved soon >_<

Instead of showing the server as 1/1 maybe just have a new message say:
“Shutdown started”

Perhaps a better solution would be to notify the developer, show a warning to all players before joining, and also hide the games automatically for all < 13s (regardless of parent setting). This would mean that players can still play, but the developer wouldn’t just ignore it.

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This would skew my first impression of the game. I’d rather players not play (yet) than to have a bad first impression from playing a multiplayer game alone.

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