Lock replies in announcements to only regulars+

Have you heard of people using 30chaaaaaars to bypass such character limit? It’s more better they just lock it. Same with the other categories, they use 30chaaaaars when #development-discussion was newly opened and it formerly had a character limit, however people abuse the 30chaaaaars and end up bypassing and able to post one word or one sentence description of the topic or reply which seems to clog the category or thread, and is not contributive.

This is sometimes what happens to #updates:announcements they post “nice 30chaaaaaars” there’s already a character limit before posting.

Fair enough, but I still don’t think it’s a good idea. I like to post my thoughts, or questions, about certain updates, and limiting members from doing that is pretty unfair. Especially since it’s already hard to rank up to Regular in the first place. Limiting more things that members can do will eventually lead to members just becoming a slightly more privileged visitor. I feel like possibly just making a seperate development discussion topic on the announcement (like they did for some of them) , would help filter out some spammers.

I think we should stop advocating for putting more trust level barriers on the forum, especially when there’s no way to get regular at the moment. If we’re locking this for members, might as well lock it for regulars, it’s only fair.

Lock it completely or don’t lock it at all.

They already opened up #development-discussion, and Members already trashed it, they already gave so much freedom and privileges for Members, and it’s time to maybe put some restrictions to protect the quality of the Developer Forum, as people now mostly don’t respect this as a Developer Forum, but more of a public forum, which resulted in almost a large majority of Members breaking the rules, or some are just too incompetent to follow the rules in the first place.

If you’re competent to see what’s the situation of #development-discussion, the category is already losing it’s main purpose because Members kept posting trash topics there. Locking it for everybody would completely destroy #development-discussion, it’s fair to for Regulars to be the ones posting there because, they’re more experienced and they think before they post compared to a large amount of the Developer Forum’s new and inexperienced members.

Locking up #development-discussion, is not a solution as there would be no proper category to discuss development related topics, though even if it’s open it’s still not an excuse to make it a dumping ground. I’ll be honest when I was a Member back then, and Post Approval was a thing, the #development-discussion had a high standard when it came to development discussion before they completely opened it up. I’m not saying we Regulars are perfect however, locking it up to Regulars would lessen and even make it rare for #development-discussion to be a dumping ground of trash threads.

If they do remove forum trust level barriers, I would be fine with it honestly, but they should impost a team to check the posts coming in #development-discussion or any other restricted category, in that way to protect the quality of the Developer Forum in becoming a public forum.

I’ll be honest about my comment about your proposal in locking up everything through an example… it’s like there’s a Math equation, and you just have one mistake in the equation, and you just have to change the variable, instead of changing the variable to be able to get the correct answer, you decided to erase everything, instead you could just change the variable to get the answer or solution. Same goes here, instead of ‘erasing’ everything, while there is still a solution that could be preferred it’s better to be able to find the solution in our problem rather than destroying everything.

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Yes I agree with this completely, and it’s annoying with the amount of off-topic posts are posted in #development-discussion.

I feel like another reason for this problem is the punishment given for off-topic posts. It’s hardly even a slap on the wrist, they just DM you that your post was hidden, and that’s it. Nothing else. I feel like instead of locking it, they should try to give actual punishments for posting off-topic there. Like maybe “muting” people for multiple hours/days.

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I’ll be honest though, the people who get those private moderation message, why their post are deleted should already be educated, and should follow the rules, however, as I’ve said in the other post…

If they do read the rules and intentionally break it
they’re considered stupider than dumb.

Maybe instead of mute they should just impost a system like Post Approval, everybody should still have the right to post in the Developer Forum, or in any category, there’s also cases that they may post trash topics, however they would sometimes need the Developer Forum for development related activities, muting them isn’t really much of a solution unless they’ve really broken a rule that deserves higher punishment other than posting trash topics.
This would not help our case in #development-discussion, because Members would suddenly go controversial due to the fact that they kept getting muted just for posting a topic, which would seem unnecessary, it’s better to just impost a system that would replace Post Approval, even if they have to remove the forum’s trust levels.

That seems like a pretty good idea. Maybe something like when you upload an image to Roblox? Although I’m not sure of how people would react to a delay in their post. I honestly wouldn’t mind it though. Unless you mean the old post approval system of course.

Eh I disagree with this for the fact that some topics either don’t need a comment section in the first place, or it would be better for more experienced members to post in certain topics.

Yeah that’s true, they still haven’t updated that section or the rules to rank up. So it is unfair for long-time members who do deserve a rankup and are unable to obtain it.

Locking up completely would only be temporary. If a replacement for Post Approval is imposed, and there’s a way to get regular, then I’d argue that closing replies to regular+ is fine. But there isn’t, so it shouldn’t be locked yet.

My post was not about DD (idk where you even got that in the first place), I’m referring to announcements (as this is what the OP is about, isn’t it?). I made a topic about closing DD, so obviously I support closing it, but that’s not the point here. DET is willing to take down posts/topics in DD that are useless, but as buildthomas said:

It’s different for announcements.

Yeah we should prevent more people to give feedback on announcements and to report bugs while theres no way to even become a regular. That makes perfect sense. (I’m being sarcastic obviously)

Alright I probably am leaning towards supporting this.

More than half of the replies on the new Luau debugger are just no-content and were even hidden by flags.


Apologies however, my main point in all of this is the following…

What I meant is the protection of #updates:announcements, I’ve got a little caught up replying in #development-discussion category related issues, however, the reason why announcement is valid to be locked to Members is the fact that they’re already using it wrongfully replying with non-contributive replies.
I’ve seen numerous users saying “nice 30chaaars” in #updates or #updates:announcements it simply is wrong, and should not be tolerated due to the fact it’s clogging the topic. Mostly, this should just be implemented to avoid farm posters who farm likes.

I understand supporting this but what about people like me? People who have valid questions/bugs/feedback to give that are members? This just prevents people from trying to give feedback. Sure it prevents trash posts but it prevents good posts from members. And also there is no way on becoming a regular. Until there’s a way to become a regular then this would make sense and I would support it. But until then, no.

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I mean by locking #updates:announcements replies and I also used #development-discussion as an example category that should be locked, but you could still reply in the #development-discussion category. If you want to report bug reports you could just report bug reports, you could just report bugs through messaging @Bug-Support, or Support - Roblox, if you have feedbacks then temporarily it would need to be shut off if it’s in #updates:announcements however for bug reports you could reply to existing bug report threads if you also experienced the same bug the original creator of the thread did.

True, however, let’s also see the other side, there are more members of the Developer Forum breaking the rules, they have been privileged by giving permission to create topics in #development-discussion however they abused it or are incompetent or dumb enough to understand simple rules. The increasing numbers of the member of the Developer Forum Community also has a negative impact at times, after #development-discussion, or people posting in a non-contributive way in #updates, visitors or future members get influenced and they suddenly use the Developer Forum not for it’s intended use, but as a public forum which numerous members see this as, and honestly, they have no respect for the Developer Forum.
Lastly, it’s also to stop like farmers from posting there, we keep seeing non-contributive replies which just clogs the thread and is in no way helpful.
Before the #development-discussion situation occurred when it was opened, #updates:announcements already had this issue due to Members making non-contributive replies.

No… Ew. That sounds horrible. That is just further hiding the voices of anyone who isn’t a Regular+, kind of stupid.

Staff members ask for feedback in those announcements and are fine with feedback and for you to report bugs.

I don’t want to make off topic posts. Also it’s best to post it in the post where one of the people working on it are able to see it quickly. And not need a middle man in Hope’s for your issue to even be seen.

I understand this and understand why you would support this. But memebers that do make good posts will just now be shunned cause others were misbehaving. And not just that you cant EVEN become a regular.

Look, not one person is taking track of the issue, the whole department does. I’m unsure why you kept justifying that one of the engineers are looking at the issues. There are a whole department of them, and sometimes the engineers who reply to them are different from the first one who replied.

You could post bug report topics by going through @Bug-Support, or you could just go to Support - Roblox I’m pretty sure once the support team views your current issue, they’ll turn this over to the department that works on the bug of a certain feature.

Again, there’s are more than one engineers in one department, you can’t say a ‘middle aged man” is reviewing everything, there are many staff team members who review bug reports not just one.

This is a sacrifice that the Members should take, they’ve already been given permission to post in #development-discussion and to reply in #updates:announcements but they fail to abide by the rules and they blew their chance. It’s to also protect the category, I understand it was hard, I can also relate when #development-discussion was locked to me when I was a Member back when I was a newer bean in this forum.

If you fail to read what is stated in the topic…

This is why #updates:announcements is proposed to be closed down from replying, to keep #updates or #updates:announcements from being overrun by non-contributive replies, other categories are already facing problems and there’s only a small team of moderators that take care of the forum’s moderation, you can’t give them more work with this issue.


This is not a viable option at the moment unless they open up migrating to Regular even in the slighest form. Then, that’s considerable. At this point we should get a statement on why this new process is still not there.

I really don’t care about becoming a Regular, unless it becomes a requirement to do basic things like these.


Whoops my mistake im a bit sleepy.

I know theres more people trying their hardest to see all the reports but heres the issue. I assume Roblox support gets a lot of reports with different bugs. Because of this, this could make it harder for specific issues for a beta feature to be seen. Also you cant post .rblxm files so they can properly diagnose your issue if you cant provide reproductions and pictures if you need to. And again its probably just quicker for them to notice your requests and bugs if you’re able to post them.

So you’re saying because a lot of them were misbehaving now the members who do behave should now pay the price? Especially if they have a game and want a feature request or bugs which could be detrimental to the game. And want it to be detailed now they don’t matter because of others? Like I understand why you support this but until we actually can become regulars then I might support this. Like there’s feature requests I want to give my opinions on and support. And there’s requests I want to make so I can my models more efficient much quicker then it currently is, and one of my ways could help me lower memory costs but I cant do it because its out of what I know and would be really slow to do in the first place.

There’s no different between being able to upload bug reports to Support - Roblox, or uploading the bug report to the Developer Forum.
It’s still the same, however, let’s just keep in mind that despite there’s no system set up to replace Post Approval, we could still upload bug reports via @Bug-Support. Lastly, this also why Support - Roblox has a bug report category, you could just send the images along in the email, once the support ticket has opened in your email’s inbox.

What’s the connection with closing down the ability for members to reply in #updates:announcements from making bug reports? You can make bug reports via the correct category or place feature requests at #feature-requests via messaging @Bug-Support for feature request ideas. There’s really no valid reason to defend to remain open against the closure of the ability for Members to reply in #updates:announcements, and it’s just to protect this Developer Forum’s category from becoming full of posts that are non-contributive, also keep in mind…

In general I’m simply stating the closure of the ability for Members to reply in #updates:announcements, I’m not saying I’m proposing to close down all category from Members.