Locked F3X Build Area

Hello, I am trying to make an area where if you walk in it, only you can build in it, nobody else.

I am in need of assistance of how I can do this, appreciate your time!


This is a really good question. F3X is a great tool, many people use it, but not many people know how to extend it. I’m unaware of any documentation for the features so it took a bit of reversing–have not touched this tool since 2018.

In the latest version of F3X there are “Area” boundaries which you can set. See Core.Security for more information.

Now, lets get to the process.

  1. Create an instance (can be a folder, model, etc.) named [Private Building Areas] under Workspace.
  2. Create a Part to define a new area. Make sure this part has Locked = true, and Anchored = true. The Size of the Part should dictate the size of the area.
  3. Create a module under the Part named [Permissions]. This module will be used to state the permissions to access the area. A generic example could be:
local Permissions = {
		Type = "Player",
		PlayerId = 39939779,
		PlayerName = "DrKittyWaffles",

return Permissions

Here is an example place you can test out. Create a Virtual server and Player1 should only be able to build within the slightly transparent block.

f3x area.rbxl (347.3 KB)

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Thanks, it all works except it’s the opposite. I can only build outside of the block and not inside. Also, I’m not sure what a virtual server is, can you elaborate?

You don’t have permissions to access the area.

I was referencing local servers. See the image below:

Try using the example file I posted, start up a Local Server with 2 players, and analyze how Player1 can access the area, but Player2 can not.

Thank you! Everything works, but how do I make it so there is multiple blocks and whoever walks in it first gets it?

Connect a function to the .Touched event of the part and when a player steps on the part you can require the Permissions module yourself and overwrite the permissions. You also have to update the context on the client.

Here is an updated version of the place file as an example. i left the game as uncopylocked so you can edit it locally when I make updates. . - Roblox



Last question, how do I make it so you cannot claim more than one building area?

Man you’re killing me! I just got home off work so sorry for replying a bit late. I’ve edited the place for you–it is uncopylocked so you can edit it. I’ll drop a placefile too. f3x area.rbxl (349.0 KB)

Since all of our Claim buttons are handled by the same script we can easily create a single table to maintain all of the current states for players (such as whether they own something or not).

For future questions have knowledge that most people are not going to be as nice as me and do everything for you.

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Sorry lol, but thank you so much!

How to let build only in this area and not outside?

Edit: Edit Security.AllowPublicBuilding in F3X Core.Security for this

You can simply just do this by creating a different zone that removes the tool when exiting the area, this doesn’t fully prevent people from building outside of it but it helps.