"Locked" property not working

Even with the Locked property turned on, I can still move a part:

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There appears to be some sort of conflict between the Studio documentation and the website documentation.

In Studio, the tooltip reads “If true, no editing allowed”, but the documentation states:

The Locked property determines whether a part (or a model it is contained within) may be selected in Roblox Studio by clicking on it.

BasePart.Locked documentation

While it does make sense that Locked should stop part editing because the part is “locked in place”, I think that the current behaviour is more useful for developers as it allows the cursor to ignore certain parts, for example an invisible gameplay trigger. I personally have used .Locked on maps I have made, so that a single mis-click doesn’t move the whole level 30 billion kilometers away, but I can still edit certain pieces of the level if I really wanted to.

Separate properties maybe? Both behaviours are technically intentional at the same time, so I’m not sure how Roblox could “fix” this “bug”, but I just wanted to point this out.

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Yes, the tooltip is just incorrect.

The current behavior of only impacting selection is both the intended behavior and the better behavior.

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