Locking players into using the default R15 animation

I want my players to use the default R15 animations instead of using Roblox’s animations such as the Ninja animation, Cartoony animation, Levitation animation, and so on.

How to force the players to use the default R15 animations?


In Studio, go into game settings (Home tab>Game Settings) and select the “Avatar” tab which is where you can find all avatar-related settings for your game including avatar type. Simply switch the avatar type to R15 instead of player choice and everyone who joins the game will have a R15 rig character.

Edit: Misread your question, refer to my latest reply.


The thing is, They’ll be free to use their avatar animations they got from the Catalog.

I want to force everyone to use the default R15 animations instead of the animations being offered in the Roblox Catalog.

That is confusing…

When you don’t have any of the animations in the Catalog, you’ll be using the default R15 animation. I want all my players to use the default R15 animation in my game.

So you just want everyone to have the R15 animation, whether not they have a animation pack or not?

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Under Avatar Type you can choose the animations the player has.


yes I have been looking for this solution. I thought I needed to make a script for it. Thanks

Oh! My brain isn’t working today. :sweat_smile: