LOD Issue with large mesh parts


I was told an LOD system for MeshParts and CSGs was recently released. This is great for optimisation and it’s a feature I’ve been wanting to see for a while but i’m afraid that this becomes a major problem for large meshes like roads and terrain that might be brought in as 1 mesh per say. For this example i’m using a road that is around 6,000 Tris.
This isn’t an issue with meshes i’ve uploaded in the past and I’ve experimented with an old mesh that I’ve imported to Roblox in the past which came out fine but I tried importing that same mesh today to see what happens and this is what happened

How it Should Appear

How it Ends Up Appearing with the LOD system in effect

Texture Applied

The LOD system isn’t a problem for smaller sized mesh parts as far as i’m aware but i’ve been experimenting with large meshes for over 2 days now and it’s driving me insane.

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Maybe you could fix this by separating the larger mesh into smaller sections, or setting the RenderFidelity property to Precise?


Good news i’ve spoken to the team responsible for handling the LOD for mesh parts and there’s a fix in the pipeline which will roll out next week.


Yeah I tried that and it didn’t work unfortunately but as of typing this there’s a fix in the works already :slight_smile: