Log System - What to use?


I have made a game a while ago but since a few months ago I realized that I couldn’t moderate, even with moderators, everything.
I was using a Discord Webhook to report the logs of the game, such as errors or moderation logs, but I saw that it was against their ToS (and I think that ROBLOX got banned from using Discord API).
I don’t know what to do to report the logs so I can see what happens in the servers without being in-game. Is there any application, software or system that can be used (like Discord) to receive ROBLOX messages (my game’s logs, in fact) and to treat them ?
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Thank you!

Use a proxy to send requests to discord or get the requests.

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Alright, I will try that.

Hey there could you do that for me?

he 99% probably wont do it for you.

your game cannot directly access discord, but your pc can.
so, build a http server on your pc that can send requests to discord.

for an example, when you send a json body like this: {"content": "Hello nerds!"} to your pc’s server, your pc sends the body included to the discord’s api server. and then the data received from discord gets sent to your game, so your pc is like a distributor between discord and your game.

this is called piping (pipe + ing)