Logging in impossible after a warning

After possibly receiving a warning for an innocent horns mesh, the user Dawgra cannot log in on roblox anymore from any device or browser (including the studio). It seems like the warning page’s redirection is broken.

Tweet featuring screenshots
ROBLOX forum thread
The account, not banned yet inaccessible

Looks to be the same issue that happened here: http://devforum.roblox.com/t/been-wrongly-banned-twice-this-week-for-uploading-a-mesh/27092/7

Can confirm this happened to my friend GuestSixx, he never got a warning message or anything. Just tried to log in and poof gets this:

Edit, he also gets that same error on any account he tries logging into.

I randomly get the same error when viewing profiles and such, and the website has been randomly running slow. I was under the assumption that some mega ubr hax organization was DDoS’ing roblox, but maybe that’s just in my mind :wink: