Logging in into your DevForum account via Roblox redirects you to Home instead of the forum

I am not sure if it fits in here or in #forum-feedback, but whatever.
When you click “Log In” on the DevForum and you’re not yet logged in to Roblox, and you log in on the Roblox page, you get redirected to www.roblox.com/home instead of back to the DevForum. To log in to the DevForum, you need to go to the forum and click “Log In” while already logged in to Roblox.
There is a “returnurl” parameter specified to go to the devforum when logging on to Roblox, so I do not know why doesn’t it follow that and just goes to the home page. Maybe it’s due to an outdated URL? (ReturnURL: www.roblox.com/discourse/dev-forum?sso=[[Insert login parameters here]])
Steps to Reproduction

  • Log out of your Roblox account, if not already logged out
  • Go to the DevForum
  • Click “Log In”
  • Complete the Roblox login process
  • You will get redirected to home instead of back to the DevForum, logging you in to the forum.

It’s supposed to it takes you to log in to your account then you go back to the Devforum and click log in. This is to create your forum account if you’re not logged in on Roblox then the forum doesn’t know your account.