Logging into a new Device logs you out

First experienced: 22/04/2021. 20:11, GST.
Last experienced: 22/04/2021. 20:15, GST.

Ok, so it’s simple. If you have two open devices, log one in and the other gets logged out.

Consistantly; this happens 100% of the time. (for me)
Impact; medium, this is just anoying.

How to re-produce:

  1. Log a device in-to the forms.
  2. Log another device in.
  3. The device you logged in first is now logged out. (this may take a minute)


Not happening to me. I have logged into my phone and laptop. None of them logged me out

That’s odd. If one of them devices are off, can you go back to the devforum and see if your logged out? That happens to me.

Did you tell it to save the password so you don’t continue to have to log in? This might be the remember for 30 days.

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Honestly, I can’t remember. Guess this is just me, I’ll live with it.

Another thing to take note of is that if you explicitly log out (e.g. you were logged in on one device, but then logged in/out multiple times on another), it also invalidates all sessions across devices.


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