Logging into with cookie

I have been pouring over hours of dev forum posts among other things trying to find out how to login to roblox with a cookie. I have seen several sites do it including noblox.js and I cannot figure out how to replicate it. I am coding in JS if that makes a difference.

Any ideas would be great, thanks!

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Have you been looking at how Discord Bots access Roblox Accounts (Alts) as these would be needing Cookies to be able to access the roblox account.

Yes I have. I cannot seem to find an answer.


I’m assuming you want to know how it’s actually done, Their Github is here. GitHub - suufi/noblox.js: A Node.js API wrapper for Roblox.

Go into lib folder and you will probably find what you want as to how it’s done at the core.