"Login error. Please try again." message when attempting to open Studio

I am logged in on my browser, however whenever I attempt to open studio, it forces me to login. I cannot login to studio. Every time I try to login I get the screen I posted below. This started happening to me yesterday. Whenever I try to load into/play a Roblox game, my client also doesn’t fully load (textures/meshes take minutes to load). My hunch is it’s something with my internet specifically, but how come I can browse on my browser perfectly fine?

I went through all the possible solutions on these two help pages, yet none of them worked out:

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Hi FutureWebsiteOwner

Thanks for your report. Could you please locate and share logs from a session where you experienced these login issues? You can find how to do this here: How to post a Bug Report

Thank you for the response! Sent you a PM about my logs.