Logo Designer Needed (Vectors Required)

About The Job

I’m looking for someone to design one logo, and it must be in the File Type SVG. (Scalable Vector Graphics) I believe this file format is only really only possible in Adobe Illustrator but if you use something comparable, should be fine.

I need the format as a vector, as I’m doing print media on a Racecar (sponsorship) with my logo being scaled to to over 7 feet wide.

I’m looking for a logo from my studio, Backstretch Studios. I do not want a typical “Roblox Logo” where it’s simply text with clipart level pictures tossed in behind. I’m looking for something more unique to the building of a brand.

I may need more work done in the future, for other projects, but none will require SVG like this one.


I am open to paying either in USD or R$. Get in touch with me with your rates.


To apply for this task, I’ve found it easier to not receive Discord DMs / DevForum DMs. Please fill out this simple form.


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