Logo For TeamKR

Hello everybody, I have made a logo for TeamKR! What do you guys think about this logo? :smile:


Thank you for viewing this topic, have a great day everybody! :slight_smile:


It’s wonderful! I like the theme and font the most.

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Quality is low, if you made it on your own it should be high quality

I totally agree it is a bit to low quality try to increase it or maybe put a better image if that is the case

@keo164 @PKBbornlegend

That was probably done to make it fit on the forums…

I like it! Just don’t use it for your game’s thumbnail or it won’t be accepted.

oh ok nice then… But still it is of a bit lower resolution but it is fine nice job then…

it’s ok, imo making these changes can improve it a lot

I would give the text over the disco ball a border too, not just the text outside of the disco ball. I would also make there be less space between “Team” and “Kr”

the notes behind team look a little weird, maybe you should move it in front of the text?

I LOVE the colorway and the fonts. But I think the T, with the + and the musical note in the back round looks a bit much. Also, the quality is too low and you should def try to change that. Overall, this is really cool and fun to look at!!

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Wow, that looks really slick, with the blue and purple colour, good job!

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Looks really good and neatly done, I like the design with purple and blue it makes it look very gorgeous and nice, great work.

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