Logo isn't loading

Hey, I’m not quite sure where to put this, so I’ll leave it here. I was planning on having this logo as my group’s logo, but it from what it said, Roblox deleted it because it’s not appropriate. I’m not really sure what is inappropriate about this though.

This is the picture that shows for my group.


This is the image that I am attempting to upload.

Is there anything I could adjust on the picture to make it appropriate (if it isn’t), so that I could upload it to the group?

I tried making minor adjustments to the image, but I got a warning from Roblox for posting an offensive, and inappropriate picture.

This seems to only affect my Roblox group though, when I uploaded it to decals, it worked fine.

It was resolved, I just continued to change small parts of the image, like I would change a single pixel every time even after getting the warning.


Hello, I don’t see it as inappropriate but the only thing I could possibly view it as being inappropriate is the leotard and legs. The girl looks somewhat young and it can be viewed as inappropriate even though its not. My opinion is that you should try to get this appealed and if this doesnt work, I’d suggest adding a (tutu? if thats what the correct word is)