Logo/icon for overhead ui not loading in

hello so I made an overhead ui but when i want the logo of the sub group to be visible it doesnt become visible I definitely did something wrong here please help


	for _, OverheadSettings in pairs (Config) do

			local PlayerIsInRegiment = Player:IsInGroup(OverheadSettings["SUB GROUP"].SubGroupId)

			if PlayerIsInRegiment then
				OverheadClone.RegimentLogo.Visible = true
				OverheadClone.RegimentLogo.Image(OverheadSettings["SUB GROUP"].ImageId)
				OverheadClone.RegimentLogo.Visible = false

Could you provide me with the ImageId you’re trying to use for this?

Also, replace .Image(OverheadSettings["SUB GROUP"].ImageId with:

OverheadClone.RegimentLogo.Image = OverheadSettings["SUB GROUP"].ImageId

It could be that the ImageLabel or whatever parenting the image is not Visible

srry for late reply
its supposed to be not visible thats why i did if and then statements

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srry for late reply

No, I mean if the ImageLabel has a parent (e.g: ScreenGui, Frame, SurfaceGui) when you set the Visible property for the Logo to true, the parent’s Visible property may be false, thus not showing up

the imagelabels parent is a billboardgui

its supposed to be not visible, thats why theres statements so when the players in the subgroup it is visible

I don’t think you understand what I’m saying. Billboard GUI have a Visible/Enabled property. In the code you provided me, I do not see you making this property true. You only make the Image visible. If the image is visible but the Billboard GUI is not visible/Enabled, then it’s not going to show up!

the billboard gui is already visible and enabled thats how the other children on it are being showed due to my rank in the group. it’s just the script or something else related to it that i dont know

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