Logpoint unexpected behaviour


After using the debugger since the Better Breakpoints Beta came out, I’ve had no issues whatsoever until now. For one of my scripts, I use Logpoints to print out debugging information. The original thread states that logpoints should continue execution as long as their Continue Execution property is set to true. This, however, doesn’t happen in this case.

The actual behaviour is most likely a bug or something I’ve overlooked but it isn’t intended behaviour.

When the execution reaches the logpoint, no matter the Continue Execution, it will pause the execution and wait for instructions (Resume, step into, step over, etc.). This is the first issue.

The second issue is that after I resume execution, the client becomes broken and unable to move. This was just my bad scripting.


The intended behaviour is that the logpoint outputs “Hello, world!” and continues execution without pausing.

Any help to why this is happening and/or a solution would be appreciated.


EDIT 1: This is definitely a studio bug. Sometimes the logpoint works and sometimes it doesn’t.


I ran the game multiple times without changing anything.

Run 1:

Run 2:

Run 3:

Run 4:

I would post this in bug reports but I don’t have access to post in the topic as I’m not a regular.

EDIT 2: Updated video link

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