Logs Pro Version 1 | Best Player Activity Tracker [FEEDBACK NEEDED]


Hey Developeres!

I am a LUA programer who sometimes focuses on developing webhooks.
When I program these scripts I wonder, “What if this could be easier for other people”?
And after some time, I developed Logs Pro.

What is Logs Pro?

Logs Pro is a simple plugin to keep track of player activities. This can for example: Keep track of purchases live, keep track of players joining and leaving live, and many more. We only have two “categories” so far (Leaving and Joining), but this plugin is new as it is not fully released yet.

What are some categories?

So far we have (Will be updated continuously)…

  • Join Logs
  • Leave Logs
  • Feedback Logs
  • Chat Logs

How do I use this?

First, you will need to install the plugin of course. The price of it is 1,000 Robux. Once you are done with that, select from the provided categories and paste in your discord webhook. Do not add a proxy to this webhook though, because our plugin automatically does that once you hit submit! If you do so, there will be a new folder in ServerScriptService called “Caelm’s Webhooks” (You can change the name) , and within that folder there will be your script fully coded and ready to be activated!

What can I do? [Feedback Part]

You don’t have to install Logs Pro to give feedback, although it would help me alot. You can…

  • Suggest A Category Feature.
  • Report Bugs.
  • Request a Change.
  • Request anything you want to be in it.

To support me you can just tell other people about Logs Pro.

[There will be a Logs Lite (Free) Soon]

Tutorial Video / Introduction Video

Thanks for reading about Logs Pro! I really appreciate it!

Logs Pro

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I’d like to help you, but I can’t pay R$2,000 to test a new plugin. May you show a video please?

BTW: your plugin sounds awesome

It’s completely fine. I am adding new categories as I write this :sweat_smile:.
Sure, I’ll make a video. I’ll ping you once I’ve added it.

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@Tinfloco_Sushi Sorry for taking so long! I eventually made the video and moved the price down to 1,000. Tell me what you think of it!

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Great, thank you!

[There will be a Logs Lite (Free) Soon] :eyes: