LogService - No reaction to anything in the output

I am using the LogService.MessageOut event to capture shorthand commands on the server, however, everytime a relevant message is given in the developer console, the LogService doesn’t fire anything.
This works 100% in studio, but once it’s passed to a live server, it doesn’t register anything.

Place the following in a module script, and then reference it from the server + the client.
In studio test session: anything delivered to the output will be recieved, all command line inputs are recieved.
In a live server: nothing delivered to the output is recieved, all command line inputs are not recieved.

LogService.MessageOut:connect(function(message, messagetype)
    if string.sub(message, 1, 2) == "AA" then return end
    print("AA","INPUT RECIEVED", message, messagetype)
    if messagetype == Enum.MessageType.MessageOutput then
        if string.sub(message, 1, 4) == "> --" then
            message = string.gsub(message, "%> %-%-%s?", "/")

LogService is noted as having unreliable behavior on the DevHub, however MessageOut has no mention of it.
Is this a purely studio-enabled feature?

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