Long textlabels in billboards cause lag

On a game I help a friend work on, we allow a “bio” system which allows information to display above a character.

One of my friends jokingly put the entire Bee Movie script into his bio, and my framerate dropped significantly (From a clean 60fps to about 10-15 fps)

Just thought I’d mention that lengthy memes (/lenny) can cause lag.

It seems like it would be possible to construct a small repro place file for this, so that any staff member reading it doesn’t have to build it themselves to see the issue.

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Sounds like your framerate got stung

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I dont think an entire movie script is meant to be entered into a textbox.

Does it happen with strings less than 1000 characters?

I can’t make a repro of this, and other players don’t notice any lag. I don’t notice it either, anymore.

I’ll mark this as solved.

The bee movie but every time they say bee you encounter performance issues


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