Longer video thumbnails

We recently had audio upload lengths extended. Could we do the same for video lengths?

I have a two tutorial video thumbnails I’d like to upload that are each about 200 seconds long. Unfortunately, the current max upload is only 32 seconds long.


Video thumbnails are so that users can get an idea of what your game is about. Your tutorials should be built into your game.

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Normally I’d agree with you, but this game isn’t worth making a fully interactive tutorial for.

And nobody wants to read a wall of text.

It’s simply just difficult to explain without a video demonstration.

I get why you’d want to make a tutorial that’s longer than 30 seconds. But making it a thumbnail? Thumbnails are for giving users a quick preview of your game – not telling them how to get along with your game mechanics. Just link your tutorial in the description, and point to that in your game if you’re worried about players not seeing it.


I think one minute would be perfect. I don’t imagine anyone wanting to watch something longer than that on a game page.


Long video thumbnails are actually something I would find extremely useful for my games too - tutorials can be put into frames after the first and they allow players to quickly familiarize with content and also get even more immersive demo of the game.

A tutorial section for a game as a stand alone feature would just about do an A job.

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Some video previews for games on steam are about 3-4 minutes long. Take TF2 as an example they posted the Mann VS Machine update trailer, which would also work nicely if you made an update to your game to show off what’s new etc.

I agree. We need longer video thumbnails. I was debating on how to get the point across of what you could do in one of my current projects, but I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to find out how to smash all of the info that could determine whether or not someone plays my game into a 30 second video. It’s angering.

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30 seconds isn’t long enough to get the Michael bay level slow motion, transitions, and video that follows the music. After all trailers with the sake of good music last 1:25-2:00

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I have to bump this. Video thumbnails are used for trailers, not tutorials.
But you can hardly find any good music that fits in a 30 second period.

I got a great soundtrack but it’s 40 seconds long. That’s why I suggest we change the limit to 1 minute.


Edit: +1 for the bump. I’ve wanted to invest time in making a video trailer, I decided against it because of how hard it would be. WAY too much of a hassle to forcefully make it work in 30s

This is my #1 reason right here. They say “If you don’t have the audience in the first 30 seconds then you’re out of luck.” - Uh… What if we DO have the audience in under 30 seconds? What are we gonna do, disappoint them by saying “Oh, you’re potentially not interested past this 30 second point. Hope you enjoyed this short clip that could have made you think this game was cool if this video was any longer!”

I’d be interested in uploading tutorials as video thumbnails or maybe a separate category of videos in the place page.

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This would most definitely be interesting.