Look at but without CFrames?

Is this possible? I am moving a part around with body positions and updating its cframe with a lookAt vector makes the movement choppy.

Could you show a video of the quandary, it’s genuinely hard to visualize it without any kind of visual support.

I cannot show a video of the problem because I am working on this for someone who probably doesn’t want their game assets shown just yet. But I can explain it better. For example, I update the position of the model using BodyPosition and this model needs to be facing the player it is moving towards. When it moves towards the player with BodyPosition it is smooth by itself; however, when using cframes to update its angle to look at a player, it updates its cframe at the same time which makes it stagger and not as smooth.

Okay then how about you endeavor to utilize tweening, lerping?

This model will be controlled server sided which makes tweening and lerping inefficient in this case.

Have you endeavored it though and withal, if you have then have you endeavored setting the ownership of the component to nil?

I initially did tweening but it was performance heavy. I did not set the ownership to nil but I am looking for an alternative to tweening as well as cframing.

is there a way I can update only its look at cframe and not its position?

Well than how do you expect to update angles without utilizing CFrame?

is there a way I can update only its look at cframe and not its position?

What your not understanding is that CFrame is Rotation and Position

Modifying CFrame values on the server is going to look choppy, you’re modifying something on the server that has to be replicated to the client.

I understand and that’s why I made this post. I am trying to update its rotation but not its position.

Alright then use CFrame.Angles or FromEulerAngles

bruh ;-; @Hollistic

Sorry I am bad with CFraming. Thanks!

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