Look at these GIFs, these GIFs are amazing




Just thinking: you could make the hues of the weapons be different depending on which team you’re in (if possible). Like the top one could have red accents instead of blue since the player is on the red team now.

Have you thought about coloring the muzzle flash in the same color as the paint you’re shooting?

Give them a lick, they taste like paint.

I need these animations in my life

Nope, there wont be team-based coloring. Just like MPB1.

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pretty hot but should be more sped up to give more of a realistic feel

weapons that fold out and do fancy future stuff are cool

+100000 points for listening to suggestions and exceeding expectations.


Second one is a bit slow, what these are lacking is a lol bit of life. The movements are nice and smooth but it only feels like it’s trying to show off how smooth it is.

Those GIFs make our character arms look really bad.

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What would look better instead in your opinion?

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I think that the very low poly arms contrast with the relatively high poly guns in a way that makes them look like debug art.

What are your plans with the characters in your game? Square arms? As a quick fix you might explore and see if any of the existing ROBLOX packages have arm meshes that look good in first person.


I think the arms’ blockiness is cute and that there’s something adorable about them handling complex machinery with so much dexterity despite having no visible fingers or elbows (like Kirby).


100% agree with this. Looks really silly having transparent black boxes for arms. Try the ROBLOX Boy package arms.