Look at this awesome game

Its fun to play and it reminds me of that one game a long time ago.

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Shouldn’t this be in cool creations? Eh whatevs.


Flying into enemy planes doesn’t give you kill credit, yet crashing into the water on your own counts as death. :frowning:

Wouldn’t let me take off. My plane’s tail was clipping into the ground pretty badly, then looked normal after pressing E but the engine kept shutting itself down :frowning:

Those flight physics made me sad. :frowning:


I feel like the takeoff could be improved immeasurably.

That’s unfortunate to hear. Wish I could test the game but not home currently. I’ve found simulating flight on Roblox to be an interestingly hard problem. Getting proper simulation through air foils and such is even harder (but cool once you get it down).

I thought you said awhile ago in some post somewhere lost in oblivion that trying to create accurate simulation was silly,
and that sufficing for something that felt good and ran smoothly was much more time effective(after your personal experience)

i.e making a flying game that feels right and works well rather than trying to simulate all the maths for aeronautics.